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Alcohol And Pregnancy

Consuming Alcohol When You Are Expecting

An addiction during pregnancy can assume alarming proportions because the consequences of a relapse can leave permanent damages on the baby.

A child might develop long term health issues right from birth, if the mother subjects herself to too much drinking during pregnancy. The liver of the unborn inside the mother's womb is unable to fully process alcohol just an adult's. In the UK, it is found out that the leading cause of birth defects and other developmental disabilities is substance abuse of the mother. A pregnant woman is given a measure of alcohol quantity to drink, according to the deliberations carried out by medical professionals. It is highly recommended that pregnant women about alcohol intake during gestation.

The baby is likely to receive any alcohol taken by the mother through the flow of blood.

Abstaining from alcohol intake might not be very easy for addicts who are pregnant even after being aware of the consequences. They should the seek assistance during these period of being pregnant.

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Getting To Know What Foetal Alcohol Syndrome Is

Untypical facial features in babies, coupled with signs of attention, anger, or mood disorders is a sign of foetal alcohol syndrome. It's not very easy to tell how alcohol affects the child in the womb since each mother and her baby are different.

Foetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASD for short) is an umbrella term given to every disorder arising from prenatal exposure to alcohol. Some cases of FASD are severe while some are not.

Common symptoms of FASD are as follows:

  • Atypically small head
  • Cardiac and spinal related defects
  • Lower than the average height
  • B.M.I being so low than normal
  • Intellectual disability
  • Vision and hearing defects
  • Mood problems
  • Slow physical development
  • Internal organ and bone issues

Pregnant And Addicted To Alcohol

Doctors had been maintaining that the use of alcohol during pregnancy is an abuse because it can potentially impact the baby. Serious cases of Foetal Alcohol Syndrome are directly attributed to alcohol intake during pregnancy.

The amount of 0.08% blood alcohol is considered is categorized under binge drinking which can be translated to 4 shots/drinks in a span of two hours. A baby is likely to suffer a long term health deformity if too much alcohol is taken during maternity period.

10% of mothers who are pregnant take alcohol, while about 2% abuse alcohol, this deduction was gotten from the report given by U.S. Centres for Disease Control and Prevention.

Women Who Drink During Pregnancy Stats

It can be concluded that there are underlying issues for pregnant women who are suffering alcoholism. We should always handle with care any matters to do with alcohol over dependency and pregnancy. Kindness and love is required in treating expectant mothers who are equally alcohol abusers.

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