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Staying Clean After Rehabilitation

Moving From Rehab To Typical Life

It is more difficult remaining abstinent for long even after doing a great work to reach the level of abstinence. Identifying new activities to do will help a person keep away from the drugs.

In a controlled and supervised rehab centre, it is relatively easier to stay clean and get well.

The environment in these facilities is one that can help a person stop the use or even the urge of taking drugs.

It may be demanding to adapt to living in abstinence outside the centre even when leaving the centre is interesting.

It is possible for you to attain prevention and coping with the initiators by getting to know them well. Staying sober after leaving the facility becomes easier because of the education.

Coping With Urges After Rehabilitation

Getting back to normal life after staying in a protected, controlled environment is not easy.

Circumstances that may precipitate relapse to previous unhealthy lifestyle are often faced by going back home.

You will have to go back to the past environment where you used to be an addict and this is what gives you the desire to go back to the drugs or alcohol.

Here are few things you can engage in as distractions to manage triggers:

  • Social Backing Should Be Looked For
  • Find yourself among positive friends and loved ones who genuinely care for your welfare.
  • Ensure you are part of a local support group on whom you can count for help.
  • Environment Change
  • Tell your family or friends to help relocate stuffs that can serve as initiators to relapse.
  • You can also keep off environments where there drugs are being sold.
  • Set Goals For The Future
  • It makes it less difficult to resist when enticed if there are objectives to follow.
  • One is bound to keep off the drugs if they have a plan for their future and will work to achieve it.
  • Go For Check Ups And Counsel Sessions
  • If you have a set of follow-up appointments scheduled with your rehabilitation centre or the doctor you should not be looking to avoid the meetings.
  • It is always challenging to keep going for these appointments but they are very important.
  • Always be grateful for how far you have come in your recovery journey.
  • Make sure that you are grateful for your life and recognize the efforts you have made to become clean.
  • You can keep a journal of your life's journey throughout the days that you have left the rehab facility.
  • Replace Bad Habits With New Better Ones
  • The European Journal of Social Psychology reported on a study indicating that people require at least 60 days to form a habit so it is important to start a new one as soon as possible.

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Join Clean Activities Rather Than Using Addictive Substances

Forming positive habits and participating in healthy activities to pass time are highly recommended forms of distraction.

Clean activities can be a lot of fun too and you don't need drugs to enjoy a good time.

If you are wondering whether you should be going back to the rehab or feel a need for some help to stay on a sober path after the rehab, please contact us now on 0800 246 1509 for the help you need.

The following are some of the things you can take part in:

  • Running
  • Meditation
  • Sports
  • Studying
  • Visit a shop for arts and crafts
  • Go back to school or begin an online course
  • Studying a new language
  • Gardening
  • Volunteer work

Seek Outlets That Provide A Community Sense

Seek for the nearest available support organization in your area and take advantage of the services offered. Involvement in jobs and hobbies with like minds, participation in social meetings, going for psychological consultations enables you to keep inspiring people within reach.

The 12 stages programs, counselling sessions and Narcotics Anonymous are some of the support groups that you can join today.

The Ability To Be Around Drugs And Alcohol Without Falling Into Old Habits

This could just be one of the trigger situations that could test your control where it is best to just skip altogether. Replacing old habits can take time and that's why people who have just achieved sobriety find it much harder to resist temptation.

Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, you will find yourself in a compromising condition (such as get-together of closed ones), these are some of the things you can do to ease the atmosphere.

Avoiding temptation to drink in social gatherings:

  • Keeping a company that is sober is one of the best way to overcome this.
  • Drink beverages free of alcohol and keep a glass of such a drink in your hand all the time.
  • You can also spend as little time as possible in the gatherings where alcohol is available.
  • Depart immediately if you begin to feel uncomfortable or tempted.

Why It Is Important To Get And Remain Clean

Better state of the circulatory and hepatic systems, abundance of energy, and ability to rest well are some of the numerous health merits. Embarking on a sober life is definitely worth the difficulty and the reasons go far beyond the physical benefits which will become attainable. The reasons to remain sober include:

  • Getting new company that don't use alcohol
  • Spend less money
  • Enjoyment of living
  • Improved energy to do more
  • Physical and mental improvements
  • Being a mentor for people that are also trying to stop the use of drugs

Recovering from an addiction of drugs or alcohol could be one of the hardest things you will ever have to overcome. The devotion and struggle might be throughout one's life: it is never simple and fast. Simply by making an effort to remain sober you will have acquired new strength by overcoming the problems that you thought you would not be able to achieve.

You need every ounce of strength and positivity in completing this quest to total recovery. When you begin to feel the temptations to revert back to your old habits, you must make an effort to remember why you wanted to achieve sobriety in the first place.